Maximum Kevlar Guard for race machines! The Durano Plus has a SmartGuard belt for extremely effective protection against penetration punctures. The strong, highly elastic, special rubber layer is not as thick as in the Marathon Plus. Nevertheless it has a level of protection unparalled in racing cycle tyres. 
Kojak makes no compromises. Its home is the road. Although the fast, sporty, tread-less slick weighs just 295 g (35-559) it still has a RaceGuard protection belt. 
The original. The archetypal high quality touring tyre. Now completely revised: GreenGuard. The highly elastic, India rubber layer is 3 mm thick. Other manufacturers call such a tyre “Plus”. However, Green is not just the colour, but also the philosophy: One third of the GreenGuard is made up of recycled latex products. "Anti-Aging“-The completely new sidewall construction can withstand for much longer the typical cracking resulting from overloading due to insufficient inflation pressure. Also the new Endurance Compound substantially increases durability. E-Bike Ready. The new Marathon has been designed for use on all types of E-bikes. The following sizes bear the ECE75 mark, suitable for use on faster, up to 50 kph, E-bikes. 
New: Strengthened Tandem Version for heavy loads. A double carcass construction ensures the tyre is extremely hardwearing. Also suitable for long-distance touring. 
The ALLROUNDER for all occasions. Marathon Deluxe is the luxury version of the classic Marathon. Saving almost half a kilo on the bike
The ultimate touring tyre, made for roads, tracks and trails of all continents. The tread pays homage to its legendary Marathon XR predecessor. Construction and compounding are naturally the very latest Schwalbe Evo technology. TravelStar compound for the best handling characteristics, Double Defense technology makes it light, but with an extremely robust construction. The world is round. Ride it. 
Punctures are a memory. The SmartGuard? layer made from a flexible, special rubber offers particular resistance to shards of glass and flints. Even a thumbtack cannot penetrate this protective layer. The SmartGuard belt does not increase rolling resistance. The MARATHON PLUS rolls as easily as a tyre without protection. 
Flat-less – with a purposeful trekking tread. Asphalt or offroad? Everyday use or bicycle expeditions? This versatile tyre always does the job. Its robust construction handles almost any mistreatment. Protected by SmartGuard, the most effective Kevlar Guard belt available for bicycle tyres. 
The fastest and lightest Marathon. Now in the highest Schwalbe category, Evolution Line. HD-Speed-Guard provides the highest level of Kevlar Guard. RoadStar Triple Compound for the best handling characteristics. Greater tread depth increases lifespan. LiteSkin sidewall. Folding tyre. 
A touring tyre that can do everything. That was the ultimate goal of our R&D technicians when they developed the first of the Marathon Evolution tyre range 3 years ago. With an HD Speed Guard and RoadStar Triple Compound it offers the same, outstanding qualities in Kevlar Guard and wet grip, but with its fine LiteSkin sidewall it is easily the lightest and sportiest yre in the Marathon Evo Line.